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With our highly trained technical staff,and by producing in-house,or within our own partnership of affiliates,which enable us to offer a wide-rang of services.


iron,steel,stainless steel,aluminium,copper,resin(ABS,ABS,Nylon6/66,POM,PE,PP,Teflon,PC,PEEK,etc)


anodization,passivating,black dyeing,acid picking,painting,standard chrome plating,trivalent chrome plating,nickel plating,copper plating,galvanizing


We carry out any type of custom-designed parts with the following features:

Accuracy class:0.002mm to round parts and 0.005mm to square parts

Max workpiece length:up to 3m

Production batches:from 1 pcs.min

Mechanical parts
  • various circled parts ,square parts various circled parts ,square parts
  • with CNC machining,milling,<br>flat grinding/material:iron with CNC machining,milling,
    flat grinding/material:iron
  • with machining center(4 axis)/material:iron with machining center(4 axis)/material:iron
  • welding parts/material:SUS welding parts/material:SUS
Semiconductor parts

Semiconductor precision parts, scratches, burrs, warpage prohibited

  • Semiconductor parts Semiconductor parts
  • Semiconductor parts Semiconductor parts
Sheet metal parts
  • sheet metal part sheet metal part
  • sheet metal parts sheet metal parts